Incredible – hail of punches puts an end to the UFC bantamweight title fight!

This was a great fight by all standards!

Four months after T. J. Dillashaw and Renan Barao locked horns for the first time at UFC 173, the best UFC bantamweight male fighter left no chance for the Brazilian in the rematch. From the moment when he smiled before blocking two high kicks by Barao in the opening round to Herb Dean’s interference in the closing seconds of the bout – the four-round battle went according to Dillashaw’s fight plan.
When it came to the fourth round, the outcome of the title defense was clear with the only one question left – whether it will be a stoppage or a decision. Dillashaw started to answer this question with a leg kick and a left hook to Barao’s head and pushed the Brazilian contender to the fence. While Barao was desperately trying not to fall, Dillashaw poured him with a dozen or so left and right punches which made Barao dangle like a ragdoll. Referee Herb Dean intervened just in time, ruling the bout a technical knockout.
However, after this great win T. J. Dillashaw found something to criticize himself for. He said that he was “a little too aggressive” in the opening round while ending the fight early was not what he intended to do. And you can easily understand why: a little more than a year ago Dillashaw was considered an underdog in the fight against Barao – so he needed to prove both wins were not flukes.
Who could be the next to face T.J. Dillashaw and try to take the champ belt from him? The Sacramento native has no idea about it – in his backstage interview Dillashaw said that he was concentrated on Barao for a year and a half, so it’s a little too early to speak of the next title defense.