Superman punch knockout off the cage

It’s A Bird! It’s A Plane! It’s Nick Laney Knocking Fools Out!

How many times have you seen an MMA fighter trying to pull off a Superman Punch and do absolutely no damage to their opponent. This is not one of those moments. Nick Laney delivers one of the best Superman Punches anyone has seen in quite a while.

What you don’t see in this awesome clip is that just a minute before this KO Laney tried to pull off a Showtime Kick as well. It appears that Mr. Laney loves going for the flashy moves. This KO happened at something called Battlezone 8 and the poor sap who is on the receiving end of that punch is Sebastian Kozok.

And the best thing is that this KO won Nick Laney the Battlezone Fighting Championship welterweight title. There is nothing like winning a belt via a spectacular knockout. It doesn’t matter how big or how small a fight promotion is, if you are a champion you have a lot to be proud of. As long as Battlezone continues to put on good fights fans will keep coming and their fight videos will go viral.