Superman punch finishes exhausting amateur heavyweight clash!

G’n’P lasted for 25 seconds before the referee waved off the bout!

    When two heavyweight amateurs collide, fights seldom go the distance. Here’s an exception which, they say, proves the rule. The heavyweight bout between Anthony Olague and Gary Grant in the undercard of IFC – Night of the Warriors 8 on August 2, 2014 (Lakeport, California, USA) lasted four rounds and was rolling slowly to decision but one of the fighters had something different in mind.
Before that fight Gary Grant overpowered Alterick Clark at IFC – Warriors Challenge 31 (split decision) and Andrew Konradi at IFC – Night of the Warriors 6 (TKO/punches). Anthony Olague in his amateur debut at KOTC – Enemy Territory defeated Jed Morris by TKO (doctor stoppage). With the start Olague didn’t hesitate and assaulted Grant ferociously landing vicious punches to Grant’s head and body. Grant looked way weaker and his only strike which did Olague some harm was an illegal kick to the groin. It seemed Olague would end the fight in the next round but Anthony spent too much strength and energy in the opening round on strikes and slams. So the second and the third rounds featured two fighters, who were sweating all over, landing few shots (even fewer on target). By the end of the third round none of the opponents could even keep his hands high enough to guard but both fighters were too exhausted to use this opportunity.
In fights like these winning is the matter of endurance. God only knows how Anthony Olague found strength for that superman punch in the fourth round. It was all or nothing challenge and it worked – a vicious punch caught Grant off-guard and dropped him to the mat. Olague unleashed a desperate ground and pound on Grant. The referee Willy Solorio didn’t hurry to interfere and Grant was taking the punishment for twenty five seconds until the wave off.