Superheavyweight MMA fighter gets knocked out with a stiff jab

Watch the whole video for replay! Watch KO at 2:21 mark

    Minor MMA promotions lack a lot compared to such MMA giants as Bellator or UFC. They do lack top fighters, media attention, Youtube views, sometimes they even lack decent video shooting. On the other hand, with all the hype and luxury absent, nothing drags your attention from the fighting itself. And frankly there are some fights which are must-watch or at least fun to watch.

Psychout Promotions operated in 2009-2013 and is no longer holding any MMA tournaments. In its fourth show which happened in Jackson, Mississippi in September 2009, the co-main event brought together two superheavyweight fighters, Brad Tidwell and Bo Hooks. Superheavyweight battles are always fun – they are rarely boring, they almost never go the distance and they often end with stunning one punch knockouts. From that point of view this bout was a classic superheavyweight clash.

Not wasting a single second on glove tapping Hooks unleashed a wild assault, throwing several haymakers which would be really scary should at least one of them hit the target. Tidwell countered well and very soon dropped Hooks to the mat. The battle briefly transferred from the ground to the stand up and back again. Finally Tidwell mounted Hooks. Escaping from a trap with 315 pounds on your back is never an easy mission especially when the guy who weighs that much batters you with wild punches, hammerfists and knees to the body. No wonder that when the referee Larry Ingle brought the opponents back to the stand up, Bo Hooks looked badly beaten and busy pulling trunks up. And just as soon as he was done with his clothes he suffered a devastating shot from the left which turned lights out for him and made Larry Ingle wave it off to prevent further punishment.