Huge superheavyweight gets beat up in seconds!

The bigger you are – the harder you fall!

A bald dude who seems to be just out of some unknown Guy Ritchie’s movie is a UCMMA videos trademark, but it’s not his accent and yadda yadda something manner of speaking that make them fun to watch. UCMMA gave us the Fastest Heavyweight Knockout, the Fastest KO in the World, showed the Most cocky fighter ever born  – well, this tournament specializes in everything that is great, best and sometimes freaky. This time it’s just an entertaining fight with some good punching, but you won’t regret watching it .

If you don’t like cockney English, skip to the 0:39 time mark to get to the fight instantly. This video takes us back to December 4, 2010 when Mark “The Great White Shark” Potter and Tomasz Czerwinski met in a heavyweight clash at UCMMA 17 Kings of the Cage in London. We know that Potter hits hard and this time he made a stunningly quick work of huge Tomasz Czerwinski. Potter’s left jab found the opponent’s chin like a homing missile finds its target and – kaboom! – Czerwinski dropped to the mat making the cage and maybe the whole hall shudder.

But that was not the end. As the Polish fighter collapsed helplessly, Potter unleashed some brutal ground and pound and before it, man, he looked like a real shark. He approached Czerwinski slowly, showing no anticipation or rush and then he started threshing and landed about twenty shots in less than ten seconds. All Czerwincki could do was get on his belly but it was only the ref’s stoppage that saved him from punishment.