Superheavyweight fight- about 700 lbs. of combined weight in the mma cage

Bigger does not always combine with better.

If Tyler Reece (285 lbs./129 kilos) tried his luck in sumo, fans would probably call him Tyler “Skinny” Reece or something. But in MMA such guys get in the super heavyweight category and their fights always draw much attention. However, Reece was not the biggest fighter for the super heavyweight title bout at XFO X-Treme Fight Night at Hoffman Estates (IL, USA) on Feb.9, 2013. His rival, Wesley Wilson, tipped the scales at the weight-ins at 377 pounds!

When you face a hostile object which weighs that much, the key to survival is not to let it fall on you. And when a hostile object is an MMA fighter, be sure he’ll try his best to get you down to the canvas. Wilson broke through Reece’s numerous punches and… well, let’s say that he broke through and hung on his opponent.  Shockingly enough it was not Wilson but Reece who was actively looking for a takedown.

When more than 660 lbs. crashed to the ground, Wesley Wilson mounted Reece and I thought that was the end – the poor guy was doomed to be buried alive under the unbearable burden. But Wilson was so passive that the ref stopped the fighters and brought them back on their feet. The huge guy then landed a terrible low kick which made Reece turn counterclockwise. Reece surely didn’t want to have his leg operated on after the fight and attacked ferociously. It did work – Wilson was simply not agile enough to block or dodge shots landing all over his head, not to speak of counterpunching. He was so upset he couldn’t even endure the final ceremony, but, honestly, if you have only one weapon armed, and the weapon is just your weight – you have to blame yourself for the defeat.