Brutal front kick KO

See slow mo replay at 7:26

Luis “Sapo” Santos has been praised so much throughout his unique MMA career that it’s a real torture to think of something original when you talk or write about him. Almost 14 years of professional fighting, 61 wins in the cage accompanied by only 9 losses – what more can you expect from a man to dub him a legend?

True MMA fans could not miss his welterweight bout with Mexico’s Alfredo Morales at XFC in Sao Paulo on March 29th, 2014 for at least two reasons: it could (and it did) turn out to be his jubilee, sixtieth victory and the second reason was his opponent. Alfredo Morales’s record, albeit not so great – 12-3 by the day of the fight, still was quite impressive. Among his successful fights many were won by punches in the stand up – and with that in mind and knowing that Santos is also perfect on foot we could hope to see a real cage drama with Morales being a real threat to the brasilian veteran.

But Santos had something different in mind – he attacked Morales violently and it was the first round which could easily become the last: “Sapo’s” legs seemed like a pair of scythes when he landed his brutal low kicks and his right hook sent the rival to the ground. But time after time Morales managed to escape a KO or a submission somehow.

When the third round began it was clear that Santos is the winner but Morales’s tenacity suggested that it’s going to be a win by decision. A sudden lightning strike came out of nowhere – Santos caught Morales and landed a front kick which is surely a masterpiece – right up the center of Morales’s jaw. Surrounded with a cloud of sweat Morales fell flat on the canvas – Santos simply walked away to his corner seeing no finishing was necessary.