Strongman absolutely destroys cocky rapper

See for yourself exactly what went down:

It was nothing less than a freak show. It’d never be allowed by the UFC or any other MMA organization in the US, but in Poland? Well, the KSWare actually legit. They just wanted to have a bit of fun. So they set up a fight between a former World’s Strongest Man and a rapper. And guess what happened…? Yup, the strong guy won.
But this is no ordinary strongman. Mariusz Pudzianowski is a Polish hero. He’s also well schooled in MMA. So when he got into the ring with fellow countryman Paweł Rak AKA ‘Popek Monster’, Pudzianowski finished him with ease.
Rak is a big guy, but he’s not a pro fighter. So he did well to last the minute he did. The fight was only really granted because he’d been shooting his mouth off so much, the KSW – and everyone else – kinds wanted to see him beat up a bit!
Popek Monster had fought professionally before, but that was a good eight years ago and his rustiness showed on the night…