Street fighter vs amateur mma fighter.

Sparring or real fight – makes no difference for this guy.

Amateur fighters sometimes may lack skill but their spirit and desire to win are beyond any doubt – that’s what amateur MMA tournament “Strelka” (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) proves with its every fight. Now here’s another one. This dark haired man is in his late thirties and shows that it’s never too late to jump in the ring. His haymakers may seem a little too wide and not precise enough but when he hits the target – the opponent has no chance at all. Meet Rocky Marciano (black and red trunks) who chose this name in honor of the famous boxer known to be the only title holder in boxing who had no losses on his record.

“He enters the ring not to box but to win”, says Edward Shirobokov, one of the “Strelka” officials. “He’s aimed at knocking out his opponent with the first shot, though it might be not so entertaining for the audience”. According to “Strelka’s” website, Rocky Marciano immigrated to Russia from Azerbaijan ten years ago. Today he trains and enters the ring in a t-shirt with “This is my country and I do care” on the front side of it. And the fans do like him – he was named the most spectacular fighter and the crowd’s favorite.

They say he is absolute fury when it gets to a fight, no matter where and when it happens. His gym mates say that you can only pray to leave the gym unharmed if the coach puts you to spar with Rocky. But just like many other fighters, this guy has much kindness and respect in his heart. “I am a believer”, he says, “and I think that if you want any good for yourself, all you have to do is wish the good to all the others. The only thing I wish all my opponents is that they have only good things happen in their life”.