Street fight ends with a huge knockout

That’s how you don’t take a fight on short notice

Russian MMA tournament Strelka, which is held in Saint-Petersburg, is all about giving everybody a chance. You don’t need to be a pro fighter, you don’t need to go to a gym, you don’t need to have even a street fighting experience. With such an approach to matchups Strelka fights often feature guys who just step into the ring from the crowd and try their luck. Sometimes they succeed. Sometimes they even become crowd’s favorites. Here’s an absolutely different example.
The latest Strelka event was sponsored by a local car service, so a lot of service staff came to watch the fights. For unknown reason Artyom “Tank” Reutov (grey trunks) had no opponent so the ring announcer asked if there were any volunteers. Alex Leonov (black trunks), a worker at the car service, stepped in. The guy had no gloves, no mouthpiece, he even had no trunks of his own and borrowed them from someone in the crowd. As he told the announcer, he has never trained or just been in a gym.
The outcome was nothing but predictable – the volunteer was knocked out by his opponent, who had much more experience and was more than thirty pounds heavier. Soon after the start a devastating punch dropped Alex unconscious and it took him a couple of minutes to get back to this world and stand up. With his nose bleeding and possibly broken, the guy said “Thanks for the fight” and was given a free t-shirt with a Strelka logo on it. Wow.