Street brawler takes on MMA fighter.

Dojo challenge goes all wrong!

Here’s a message for everyone who was sure that Gracie Challenge times are gone. You were wrong. Today actually anyone can find a gym to sharpen his fighting skills but there are still knights-errant who travel along the streets and wish to challenge people, fight them and prove they are the best. But sometimes a bout that was supposed to be a glorious battle turns into a pure humiliation.

That’s just what happened in this video. A guy in dark shorts came into a gym from the street not to train but to teach everyone a lesson. But instead of beating one of the MMA fighters and riding into the sunset, he suffered a massive and humiliating beating. When you watch his haymakers which don’t hit the target, his weird stance, his chin held proudly high, his hands which protect everything but the head, the only thought is ‘what could make a guy like that think he can fight?’

There’s little wonder why everyone in the gym including the cameraman can’t help laughing – this really is the most ridiculous dojo challenge. Respect for the guy from the gym – he knocked the challenger out and didn’t hesitate to come for help . Hopefully, the street fighter learned his lesson well, otherwise he’s in a big trouble .