Steven Seagal spars UFC fighter

Yeah, it was impressive.

1990’s action movie star Steven Seagal, the great and terrible, was noticed in the corner of UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva several times. In 2012 he was interviewed by MMA Fighting on Anderson Silva‘s upcoming rematch with Chael Sonnen and claimed that he had taught ‘The Spider’ some things that could help him in the octagon. Seagal refused to specify what those things actually were, all he said on Silva’s training routine was “two or three things…stuff that we thought was maybe illegal, that’s not illegal.”
We could still be unaware of what actually Steven Seagal teaches mere mortals like Anderson Silva but for this video. In 2012 Seagal was not only sharing his experience with Silva but also had at least one friendly sparring with ‘The Spider’s’ team mate, UFC light heavyweight Rafael ‘Feijao’ Cavalcante after the UFC 148 media open workouts at the XS nightclub in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sit tight, don’t breath and blink because every second of Steven Seagal’s time is priceless. There are fifty action-packed seconds ahead.
Actually, what we see here is not a fight and not even a sparring in its general meaning. Steven Seagal gives Cavalcante a windmill slapping while Cavalcante keeps laughing and pretends to resist only to get another bunch of slaps. Yes, we all know no one slaps in sparring. But when it goes about Steven Seagal, it’s The Great One who writes the rules.