Spinning backfist FAIL KO

Spinning backfist punch went wrong

A fight between two heavyweights ends with one of them getting knocked out cold. This bout between Matt Lawrence and Dillon “Bad Boy” Cleckler took place in 2012 at Island Fights 18 in Pensacola, Florida.
This video shows what poorly executed moves can result in. That just proves that even a small mistake can lead to a devastating loss. Then again what we see here doesn’t seem to be a ”small mistake” as one of the fighters is throwing a lazy low kick followed by a lazy backfist which was countered with a perfect straight punch right on the jaw. Sometimes the temptation is high to try out fancy moves, if it works out and you finish your opponent your knockout will be celebrated on YouTube and the video might even go viral. However if you fail you might end up being the highlight reel material on somebody else’s footage. That’s exactly what we witness in this video.
Dillon Cleckler currently holds a 7-0 record as a professional. He also went undefeated in the amateurs finishing his career 4-0 with 4 finishes at Island Fights in 2011-2012. This makes it 11 finishes in 11 fights because he also finished all of his 7 fights so far in his professional career. He could be a heavyweight to keep an eye on in the future