Spectator steps into the ring and ko’s mma fighter.

It takes only a moment to turn a spectator into a fighter and then a winner.

The word “strelka” has multiple meanings in Russian – it’s an arrow, a part of Saint Petersburg and in the criminal slang it’s also some place where enemies meet to settle controversial issues, by words or by force. For last several years “strelka” became the title of a popular amateur MMA tournament which mostly takes place in Petersburg but is also held in other Russian cities and Baltic states.

The idea of “Strelka” is giving a chance to numerous amateur fighters. You don’t need to have an impressive record and a number of belts to sign up. Man, you don’t even have to train – the only necessary thing is your wish to get in the ring. However, “Strelka” is not a tournament where “no rules” is the only rule. The list of striking and wrestling techniques allowed is similar to MMA but fights are not divided into rounds – fighters stop only after ref’s decision, KO or submission.

Normally, to take part in “Strelka” you have to fill in the application form. But sometimes you can get in the ring even if you were going to be just a spectator. That’s just what happened to Dmitry Dzyubiy, a student from Saint-Petersburg. When it became clear that the opponent of Maxim Baltrushin is not going to fight and Max is just about to win without a single strike, refs asked if there were any middleweight fighters among the crowd.

Dmitry grabbed his chance by the throat. It took him not more than a minute to transform from an ordinary guy in a polo shirt and denim shorts to a fighter. After the start he was just as quick, performing a successful takedown and then finishing the bout with a stunning punch KO, already in the stand up. A punching bag was the sudden winner’s only prize but “Strelka” actually is not about huge prizes and piles of gold. It’s more about fun