World’s Skinniest Champion Sumo Wrestler

How many sumo have committed suicide because of this guy…

Takanoyama Shuntaro whose real name is Pavel Bojar, a 200 lbs. sumo wrestler. Before becoming well-known as a sumo wrestler, he practiced judo.


In the face of people telling him that he is too skinny to be a sumo wrestler, Takanoyama held onto his dream of becoming well-known in the sport.

According to Wikipedia, “The sport is more popular in the Czech Republic than in any other European country, with ten sumo clubs containing some 600 members. He was trained by Jaroslav Poriz, president of the Czech Sumo Association.

First there was judo, then there was Brazilian jiu jitsu created by Grand Master Helio Gracie, to enable a smaller man to disable a larger man.

Takanoyama is graceful and dangerous at the same time. He stays heavy and maintains a strong base against larger wrestlers who attempt to lift him off the mat. His effective technique is a winning formula.

Watch this video of Takanoyama using judo holds to throw much larger men around the mat as if they were rag dolls.