Six year old taekwondo prodigy shows amazing skills!

This guy is a pad killer!

For some unknown reason parents just love to send their kids to taekwondo schools at the age of five or even younger. There are no too many five-year old boxers, six-year old karate artists or four-year old MMA athletes. But internet is full of videos with babies in white gi who demonstrate their taekwondo skills. Some of them actually show nothing special, but there are kids whose performance is really impressive. Jeremy Rios is definitely one of these young fighters.
Jeremy lives in California and is eight years old now. When he just turned six, his father made a Youtube channel for his son. The most well-known video features Jeremy in his house during pad work. And, well, it’s amazing! The kid has all a decent taekwondo artist needs – speed, power and cardio. He just never seems to get tired!
Jeremy’s skills make him one of the most prominent young taekwondo artists in his native California. This boy is not too high for his age, he fits the lightweight division but you can find videos where he competes with the older guys who are heavyweights and wins. Great job, Jeremy.