Shaolin Monk vs U.S. Marine

Shaolin Warrior Monk Delivers Devastating Knockout.  

How often do you get to see a real live Shaolin monk in action? Well today is your lucky day. Yi Long, a Shaolin warrior monk, takes on Shea Ealey U.S. Marine in the Wu Lin Feng Ultimate Combat and he does not disappoint.

Yi Long pretty much manhandles Ealey for the entire fight and the end comes swiftly in the first round. After the ref separates the two fighters they wind up in the middle of the ring and Yi Long lands a short left hook and that is all she wrote. Ealey winds up on his back and through the ropes.

There is some debate as to whether Yi Long is true Shaolin monk. Some say the whole thing is staged and Yi Long is just playing a character. Whether he really is a Shaolin monk or not it doesn’t matter. He is an amazing fighter and puts on a great show. A man is who he says he is. Yi Long continues to bring his Shaolin style into the ring, destroy opponents and give the fans what they want to see: spectacular knockouts.