Shameful and stupid – a sucker punch for blowing a kiss!

Unsportsmanlike conduct at its worst!

A sucker punch got its name not by chance. As far as mixed martial arts are concerned it’s probably one of the most well known symbols of poor sportsmanship and disrespect. Even if you are an MMA star this move can affect your popularity somehow. But when you got nothing to be proud of and throw a sucker punch art your opponent – you’ll be remembered for that for a long time.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Joel Schott whose manliness gets in danger even when someone just blows a kiss at him. This video was taken at GPP Fight Night in Wyoming, Michigan. We don’t know much about the fight itself but it’s clear it’s some title fight as there’s a ring girl walking around the cage with a belt. Two guys face in the center of a tiny cage, they almost butt heads, trying to threaten each other, drilling a hole in the opponent’s forehead mentally – well, we’ve seen a lot of face offs alike, haven’t we? And just as the referee separates the fighters to remind them of the rules, the pink haired guy blows a kiss and collapses immediately, cut down by a couple of unexpected head punches.

Some would say the pink haired fighter acted stupidly and paid for that. Come on, kisses are not illegal (though they are not welcome as well) and besides internet is filled with videos where guys who act cocky, intimidate and mock their opponents, get punished for that nice and easy when the fight starts. If you feel someone humiliates you in the cage, all you have to do is just wait for a couple of seconds and then smash the moron. If you don’t – your name’s probably Joel Schott and you’ve just landed the worst sucker punch ever.