Self-defense instructor shows five most devastating street fight moves

He who hits first, hits twice

One of the first things we get to know when we start learning martial arts is that martial arts were created for people with good intentions, for people who want to defend themselves, not attack anyone. But when you’re on the street, allowing your opponent to hit first may be a bad idea. The guy who said that offense is the best defense, was right – so why not learn something that can help you to attack first, attack fast and perhaps end a street fight with a single shot?
Nick Drossos is known on Youtube as a dedicated self-defense instructor. He is reported to have a kung fu, taekwondo and MMA training background and a long-time work experience as a security and a bodyguard. In this video he shows what he calls most devastating street fight strikes. By devastating Drossos doesn’t mean deadly or finishing. Your opponent may be on drugs or just less receptive to pain than average but these shots can still inflict much damage.
So, Nick’s top five street fight strikes are: a head butt, a hammer fist, an elbow (thrown at various angles), a double-palm strike and a knee. Some of them, like elbows and knees, are also widely used in combat sports, the others, e.g. head butts or double-palm strikes are never trained in a gym. Each one has its advantage but there is something that they all have in common – all those moves are performed at a close range and are very hard to see when shot quickly. And it’s an unnoticed shot that knocks out, not just a powerful one.