Self-defense instructor challenges four guys to take him down

They thought it’s going to be easy money but they were all wrong!

Grappling in a street fight is one of the most controversial issues, a lot of instructors would tell you never ever go to the ground in a street fight. The saddest thing is, sometimes the fight can go to the ground without your permission. Of course, if you face several opponents, any successful takedown you suffer may turn critical. Even if you fight mano a mano and your enemy is a better grappler than you, a takedown is something you should avoid by all means. It may be a bit easier to say than to do, though.
Now, if you feel that avoiding a takedown is something you’re not too good at, here’s the video that might help you. The man who challenges four guys to perform a takedown is Nick Drossos, a self-defense instructor with a solid kung fu, taekwondo and MMA training background and a long-time work experience as a security and a bodyguard. Nick is mostly known for his Youtube videos with street fighting and self-defense tips and hints, somewhere not too far from here you can find a video of Nick’s most favorite devastating street fight attacking moves.
So after you watch how four fairly athletic guys waste their time trying to bring Drossos to the ground you can clearly catch his strategy of successful avoiding a takedown. Keeping the distance is the key principle, the other one is forcing your enemy to change angles all the time. Be warned, this a very energy-consuming strategy. As you can see in the end of the video, Nick Drossos, who successfully escaped all the takedown attempts, is obviously short of breath. That said, improving your cardio is the third basic thing you need to do.