Savage 8-second MMA knockout

Watch the whole video for replay!

Most fights that feature Paul “The Terror” Terblanche do not make it past the first round. This fight against Janus de Lange at EFC Africa 6 was no exception. It took Terblanche just eight seconds to finish off de Lange and claim Knockout of the Night honors for his efforts.

De Lange’s downfall began with what seems like a lazy-looking kick to Terblanche’s leg. The Terror quickly counters and  catches de Lange on the chin with a right hand that dazes him a bit. But it is the second punch that lands directly on de Lange’s jaw that ends the fight. De Lange is out on his feet but Terblanche manages to connect one more time on the way down.

Terblanche connects with three solid right hands in total as de Lange falls flat on his back. Unfortunately, the ref does not get in between de Lange and Terblanche fast enough and Terblanche lands one last vicious fight to the defenseless de Lange.

There was absolutely no need for the final punch but in the heat of the moment these things happen. Terblanche went on to lose his next two fights, both by TKO, and de Lange hasn’t fought since. Still, this is a spectacular knockout and certainly one of  the highlights of Paul Terblanche’s career.