Sage Northcutt’s great UFC debut!

It’s too early to dub Northcutt a UFC star though

A month or a little longer ago few fans would say they know who Sage Northcutt is. Nothing suggested that the Katy, TX, native would soon become one of the most hyped fighters on UFC roster, but that’s just what actually happened. You can hardly remember any other fighter of this age (Northcutt is only nineteen) whose debut bout would receive that much promotion and media support.
On October 3 Sage Northcutt entered the octagon in Houston, TX, to prove he’s not, according to Dana White, ‘just another pretty boy who wants to fight’. Honestly, Francisco Trevino was a perfect matchup from that point of view with his UFC record of 1-1 by that day, with the only win over Renee Forte. Northcutt rapidly occupied the center of the cage and then knocked Trevino to the ground. After that a huge takedown by Northcutt followed and then the debutant unleashed a barrage of heavy elbows forcing Herb Dean to interfere.
Right after Dean stopped the fight, Trevino jumped up and protested but the replay showed he was clearly rocked, so the stoppage was perfectly timed. Sage Northcutt was absolutely pleased with the result and the course of the fight. “The fight went just how I visualized it. I thought about throwing kicks to kind of intimidate him and see what he was going to do. I caught him and just followed up with some elbows. People see a lot of my standup, and that’s what I’m known for since I was trained in karate and kickboxing, but I also have ground game”, the debutant said in his post-fight interview.
However it’s too early to name Northcutt a new UFC messiah, despite all the hype. Francisco Trevino, with all respect, is not the opponent who could put Northcutt’s skills and ambitions to serious test. Perhaps, the upcoming UFC events could help us to get to know the young Texan a little better. As for Northcutt, he’s already looking forward to take part in any of them: “I want to fight again as soon as I possibly can. I know there’s a card in Australia and South Korea — either of those would be great. I can’t wait for the next one. Whatever Dana White and Joe Silva have planned for me, I’m ready.”