Russian fights with Broken leg, wins via RNC!

 Check out this fighting spirit!

This legendary fighter has broken his leg in the combat but managed to win applying a rear naked choke.
Now you will see a terrific fight, which is worthy to be mentioned in the history of MMA. May be Sebastiaan «Bas» Rutten will also mention it in his telecast. And if this match took place in the time of Ancient Greece, the famous poet Homer would describe it in some epos!
Late in August, Russia hosted the tournament in martial arts. The two strongest fighters, who had a long-standing opposition, met in the Final. They have already fought with each other in various competitions before. And this time they decided dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s.
A fierce battle begins with a double leg shot. The athlete in red shorts makes the amplitude throw. And the audience cheers him up. Demonstrating the beautiful wrestling technique, a favorite of the match grabs the leg of the opponent trying to make the the knee bar.
However, the fighter in the blue shorts is not going to give up. Trying to get out of the trap, which has stuck his leg, the athlete is like a fish in a frying pan.
But what is it? How could the referee shut his eyes on it?!

The knee of the athlete in blue is almost inside-out but the referee does not stop the battle. Keeping head, the athlete in blue shorts performs actions that are called «back mount» or «back control» in grappling. Not a muscle moved on his face. Strong arms of the fighter in blue reaches out for the opponent’s throat. A few moments passed, and we see a rear naked choke. The audience is kept in suspense. And finally the athlete in red tapped out, the submission hold is scored! The arena explodes in thunders of applause . The doctors rush to the winner – he seems to have a serious knee injury. This match will go down in history of mixed martial arts as a Triumph of the Will. And we place on our Double Knockout website such mind-blowing battles only.