Russian combat sambo champion opens up a gym in prison!

This cover of “It’s my life” is disturbing me.

    The name of Maxim Novoselov probably won’t tell you a lot. On Sherdog, his pro MMA record is 2-2-1, according to M-1 it’s 7-5. He’s also a former European combat sambo champ and perhaps he could achieve a lot more but for two prison terms. After serving in the military he was sentenced for the first time, rumors are he had committed a murder. Maxim called his first time in prison “a mistake” in an interview to the Russian tabloids.

After release in 2004 he went pro in MMA, became the captain of the national combat sambo team and was also a fitness and self-defense trainer for many Russian celebrities. However, several years later Novoselov was accused of cocaine trafficking and sentenced again. Today he’s 43, still imprisoned and he lost all hope to get back in the ring. But the word “despair” seems to be unknown to him. While in jail, Maxim became a convicts trainer. He says his goal is to help his mates get rid of the negative energy they have.

“A jail is a small town where people dream of freedom, count days and feel depressed. But those who go to the gym, they do change. Some people here turn to god, they go to the church, but my religion is sports. And transforming drug addicts into healthy strong guys is my redemption”, he says.

Last year Maxim Novoselov took part in the internet tv-show “True Gym” created and hosted the Russian powerlifter and strongman Mikhail Koklyaev. Mikhail visited the prison where Maxim does his time to find out how do the convicts stay fit in such a place. One of the best parts of the show is Maxim’s part. A bald tattooed huge guy looks just like out of a movie about “the great and terrifying Russian mafia”. The axe in his hand and one of the weirdest soundtracks ever, which is a cover version of Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life” (don’t miss Doctor Alban’s cameo in the end of it!) make it all look a bit ridiculous. But this first impression fades just as Maxim starts to show his self-defense methods which turn into an assault every time he disarms his opponent. The impression fades because this guy really knows what he’s doing. So don’t hesitate to watch it and maybe some tricks and moves could come in handy for you. Hopefully, you will never have a chance to practice them.