Running front kick and punch knockout

Amature MMA fighter scores a knockout that would make any professional jealous. Watch the whole video for replay.

Jonathan Rosener scores one of the most amazing knockout that I have ever seen in the above clip. He faced off against Craig Emerich at Sudden Impact 20 in St. Charles, Mo. for only his second fight. This was an amature card and it provided some incredible highlights.

The entire fight only lasted 13 seconds but Rosener made the best out of each and every one of them. He runs across what looks like a huge cage and lands a flying front kick to Emerich’s face. The kick doesn’t seem to do much damage but on the way down Rosener lands a left jab and then right after that he connects with a short right hand to the jaw of Emerich that sends him crumbling to the canvas.

All this happens so fast you will be thankful for the slow motion replays included at the end of this video. When watched in real time it is hard to tell which strike was the knockout blow but the replay makes it clear that the final right puts the lights out. The combination of flying front kick, left jab and right cross is not something that you see very often and it doesn’t seem like something you can practice.

And we have to give the ref credit, She comes running in and prevents Rosener from landing any more punches to the defenseless Emerich. This is certainly a career highlight for Rosener and this clip will outlive most of us.