Roy Jones Jr: fourty-six and still hard hitting

He may be older and slower but he’s still dangerous!

Roy Jones Jr. is forty-six, his best fights are history, but obviously he knows how to do what you love to do without making a mockery of yourself when your years of prime have passed already. After his last and, perhaps, the most bitter defeat in Moscow when he was knocked out by Denis Lebedev, he scored seven wins in a row (last three – by KO and TKO) making his overall record 61-8.
His opponents are younger and they know how to box but Jones is still better. Even today, when his footwork is far from being perfect, and his overall shape differs much from what he demonstrated in the 90-s, his hands are fast enough to make quick work of Paul Vasquez and drop him to the mat in the opening round. And mind, this was his second bout in 22 days only.
This fight was very special for Jones, first of all because he was born in Pensacola and also because he believed this victory would get him closer to a possible fight with WBO cruiserweight champion Marco Huck. However, the second issue is unclear now, after Huck’s Friday loss to Krzysztof Glowacki.
The reaction to this video on Youtube varies from absolutely negative to sympathetic. “Even at 46, he still has some of that great hand speed, while only a shell of his former self, he is still above average despite being 20 years past his peak. Nevertheless, I think he should retire if only for health reasons, no need to continue taking head shots, even from mediocre opponents”, says one of the commentators. However, Jones still looks for new fights and speaks willingly on his motivation: “We have talent that other guys dream of having. When you have a gift, you have to use it to the fullest. I don’t wanna get to heaven and have God say “You could have won a world title at 46, why didn’t you try?” Then I’m gonna feel bad. He’s gonna say “Why did I give you that gift if you ain’t gonna use it?” I gotta use it til I can’t use it no more.”