Rousey vs. Holm: exclusive backstage footage!

Emotions go over the edge on the fight night in Melbourne!

UFC 193 main event promised to be just another Ronda Rousey’s win but it turned one of the most famous female fights in MMA history instead – all thanks to Holly Holm and her coaches. We all saw that super high kick from all possible angles, we all saw Dana White’s and Joe Rogan’s priceless reaction to their most hyped fighter defeat – is there anything we haven’t seen yet?
How about watching Travis Browne as he sees his girlfriend receiving that kick and falling to the mat out cold? How about Holly Holm’s dad shouting and jumping, celebrating his daughter’s victory? How about her wrestling trainer Israel Martinez talking (actually, screaming) on the phone with Jon ‘Bones’ Jones after the epic win? All that and much more is offered now on “UFC 193: The Thrill and the Agony”. The free preview can be found on Youtube while the full video is available on UFC Fight Night.
It really is an interesting stuff to watch and the only thing lacking, as far as the preview is concerned, is the reaction of the losing side. Not that we have no mercy for Ronda Rousey – such a bitter defeat, especially the one that came in a very violent fashion, is hard to handle. But we would love to see Edmond Tarverdyan’s impressions and explanations on what had happened in Melbourne on November 14.