Rousey vs Correia: weigh-ins and the final staredown!

Nothing business, it’s just personal!

UFC 190 has two female bouts on its card, both being a USA vs Brazil contest. But where Jessica Aguilar and Claudia Gadelha were most friendly and showing signs of mutual respect, Ronda Rousey and Bethe Correia looked like two delayed-action mines. There’s little wonder about it: Bethe Correia made this fight very personal for Ronda when she somewhat changed the usual “i-am-gonna-beat-the-hell-out-of-her” trash talk routine and touched suicide and drug issues in her statements and interviews.
Bethe Correia and Ronda Rousey entered the hall in Rio with broad smiles on their faces but, honestly, Ronda’s smile looked less labored. Judging by people’s reaction to her open workout and other activities available for the fans to watch you can easily see that she has almost a cult status in Brazilia. Booing could be heard when Beth Correia appeared on stage but when the time came for the UFC bantamweight champ it was all applause and cheering. This fact didn’t go unnoticed by the contender. “I know that a lot of people are not rooting for me but I will fight for the whole Brazil”, Bethe Correia said right after the staredown duel.
Correia tipped the scales at 134 lbs, Rousey checked in at 135 pounds. What kind of fight we’re going to see tomorrow? While Correia doesn’t say anything about her tactics, Rousey states she’s not going to make it just as quick as it was in her two latest bouts with Alexis Davis and Cat Zingano which lasted sixteen and fourteen seconds consequently. Rousey wants to teach Correia a real lesson of respect and go at least a couple of rounds but who knows whether she’ll have enough patience for that.