Rousey on Correia: “She started to take things way too far!”

Bethe made Ronda cry before the fight, Ronda’s going to make her cry after it!

Trash talk and verbal insult are essential for any top fight promotion. Prior to their bouts Kimbo Slice and Ken Shamrock, just as well as Conor McGregor and Chad Mendes said a lot of things that normally would lead to a long-time hostility. However, when the fight is over, the warring sides shake hands and show respect for each other – and that is also an essential part of the game.
But when it goes about Ronda Rousey and Bethe Correia, we’ll hardly see a single gesture of respect or sympathy from Ronda when their fight at UFC 190 on August 1, 2015 ends, no matter what the outcome will be. The reason is, Bethe Correia intervened Ronda’s private life and did it in the most inappropriate manner.
Rousey’s motivation would be immense even if there were no trash talk at all. Bethe Correia got her attention when she defeated two best friends of Rousey, Jessamyn Duke and Shayna Baszler, via unanimous decision and TKO (punches) consequently. Correia never concealed that her real target was the UFC bantamweight title and it’s current holder, the undefeated Ronda Rousey. What hurt Ronda Rousey most of all were not Correia’s wins and ambitions but her words. “She just started to take things way too far. She started saying things like ’I hope she doesn’t go back to using drugs after I beat her’ or ‘I really hope she doesn’t kill herself’, and starts laughing. She’s disrespected the greatest tragedy that my family has ever gone through and laughed at it”, Rousey said in the UFC preview to the event in Brazil.
The thing is, drugs and suicide were a part of Ronda’s life – her father killed himself and later she experienced drugs and alcohol problems. Rousey spoke on her bitter past in her newest biography book “My Fight / Your Fight”. But there’s some difference between you talking on your personal issues and someone else doing just that. Though Bethe Correia stated that it was just a coincidence and the suicide joke is nothing more than a ‘’stupid comment very common in Brazil” it looks like a good face on a bad game. “She took it too far that day, and I don’t forget things like that. And I don’t forgive things like that”, Rousey says. Well, if Bethe Correia wanted to make Ronda Rousey lose her control, she did it. But perhaps that makes things worse for the Brazilian contender.