Ronda Rousey submits Cat Zingano in only 14 secs!

Simply the best!

Yes, we know you all watched this. It’s barely possible to find some words about Ronda’s latest victory which haven’t become trite during the last 24 hours. But pretending there’s nothing special happening in an MMA world – no way. So let’s face it. There is no one among UFC’s women bantamweight fighters who can even hope to resist Ronda. That’s why mentioning Dillashaw or any other guy looks like an absolute joke only at first sight. But then you feel like “oh well, who knows, maybe some day…”

This is how history is created. Only several years ago many considered women MMA an “okay-let-girls-have-fun-too” thing.  Nowadays a bout between Ronda and Zingano becomes the main event and later at the press conference Dana White reports of 17654 people watching it live at the Staples Center in Los Angeles and almost 3 mln dollars gained.

Leaving the money alone let’s have a look at some more MMA-related figures. So it took Ronda Rousey 14 seconds to perform that straight armbar thus making her total time spent on last three victories 96 seconds. The main question is not only “who can face Ronda next time” but also “who can resist her at least a bit longer than the others”. In case you don’t take the male/female fight opportunity seriously (we don’t so far), let’s think of some names. The most likely are the Invicta Fighting Championships featherweight title holder Cristiane Justino (this possible super fight is already much discussed) and  Bethe Correia with her 9-0 winning streak. Not that they have solid chances, but Bethe seems the last from UFC who can at least provide some storyline.

When the champ was asked at the UFC 184 post-fight press conference (replay here) what she told Zingano following the lightning quick submission victory, the Olympic judoka explained why she believes “Alpha” deserves another crack at UFC gold.
Ronda Rousey: ”I said we should do this again. I think she definitely deserves another shot and sometimes fights just go down like that. I’m lucky to have a lot of experience in judo, and there were times I walked out and I just got dumped on my head right away and I just wasn’t myself that day. And it didn’t mean I didn’t deserve to be in that fight and compete with the other person, it was just that for some reason i wasn’t there. I understand that feeling and I know what Cat is capable of and I would definitely like to see more of what she is capable of.”