Ronda Rousey speaks on sex and MMA

Getting rowdy in the sheets helps her be Rowdy in the cage.

One of the reasons we like Ronda Rousey more than Conor McGregor is her talent to attract media and fans without trash talking or insulting anyone. Another reason is the fact she is just, well, awesome. Her appearance on Jim Rome’s show at Showtime is another proof.
It’s a common opinion that having sex before any serious sport competition – a soccer game, a boxing bout, a car race, whatever – is bad for an athlete. Jim Rome asked Ronda about her opinion on the matter and the bantamweight champ was sincere as sunlight.
“For girls, it raises your testosterone, so I try to have as much sex as possible before I fight,” she said and laughed. However, Ronda didn’t deny Mohammed Ali’s point of view and his famous six week long pre-fight abstinence from sex as she supposed that the testosterone thing may work different for male athletes.
Actually, Ronda is not absolutely right as female orgasm, according to science studies, causes a SMALL increase of testosterone which can hardly affect anyone’s fighting abilities seriously. However, it can really improve the athlete’s morale, which means much.
Anyway, for those who’re ready to offer their help to Ronda, be warned – Rousey said that she doesn’t ‘put out Craigslist ads or anything’ and prefers to have a steady partner. Good luck, Jarrod Haschert.