Interviewer doubts Ronda Rousey’s strength and gets punished for it!

Back to Ronda’s Strikeforce times when some people were unaware that she’s extremely dangerous.

Aaron Tru is mostly known for his crazy MMA video interviews, which he confesses, end mostly with him “on the wrong side of a ”beatdown””. His interview with Ronda Rousey ended just like that. Now, what made Ronda ”lose her cool”?

After asking Ronda about her last bout and her thoughts about the future of WMMA Aaron Tru said that Ronda, just like other MMA ladies might not be strong enough to compete with a man, even if a man isn’t a skilled fighter. That’s the time when Ronda decided to prove Aaron wrong and show him and the viewers what she’s capable of!

The full story consisted of three effortless throws by Ronda. After the first one Aaron “I didn’t tap!” Tru demanded more punishment and got it instantly. The third and the final throw happened to be more than the poor guy could handle – Tru fell on the mat like a sack of potatoes and yelled that he had not less than four ribs broken.

Well, those were the good old times when Ronda Rousey fought in Strikeforce and probably not a lot of people could have predicted that she was going to end up being one of the most popluar fighters in the UFC! Nowadays she has a record of 11 straight wins, 10 of them in the first round. Nobody doubts her greatness these days and there’s a lot of talk about how she would do against a male opponent. We will probably never find out but what we found out over the years that she has become the greatest female fighter of all time.