Ronda Rousey defends her champ belt with a vicious face plant knockout

The champion needed only 34 seconds to get the job done.

Despite the fact that Bethe Correia, just like Ronda Rousey, had zero losses on her record until tonight, there was hardly anyone who didn’t consider her an underdog prior to the fight. Some experts said that Correia’s only chance to save the day was keeping the battle in the stand up and striking but they were all wrong – Rousey gave the Brazilian no chance at all and stopped the contender with a solid right punch.
In fact, fans and fighters remained unaware of Rousey’s striking skill for a long time as she went on winning fights with her countless trademark armbars. A knee to the body which defeated Sara McMann and a shot that knocked out Alexis Davis still looked a bit accidental. Well, from now on it’s clear to everyone that Ronda’s arsenal includes long-range weapons as well.
Rousey said her game plan was not to force the clinch and concentrate on overwhelming Bethe Correia’s striking but the Pitbull Brothers representative rushed for the clinch first. Rousey missed a single overhand right in the opening seconds but then she replied with an uppercut and brought Correia to the ground. The Brazilian rolled back on her feet only to be chased along the fence. Ronda hunted her, hit her temple and finally landed a solid right hand behind the ear. Correia dropped face-first to the mat and referee McCarthy intervened. This win took Ronda 34 seconds which is a bit longer than her two previous victories total but still makes her stats incredible.