Travis Browne confirms he’s dating Ronda Rousey

Browne: “She’s a sweetheart outside the octagon”

Rumors of UFC heavyweight Travis Browne and Ronda Rousey dating appeared at least a month ago but it was yesterday when the rumors turned into something more reliable. In his telephone interview to MMA Hour Live Travis Browne confirmed that he and the 28-year old UFC bantamweight champion and very likely the best female athlete in combat sports Ronda Rousey have been together for quite a time already.Ronda-Rousey-Travis-Browne
According to Browne, the athletes who train in the same gym, started chatting in summer, and by now their personal relationships are more than serious. “She is my woman and I’m her man. There’s no boyfriend, girlfriend stuff… We’re together”.
He also added that things between him and Rousey started when Browne was living through a rather complicated period of his life. In July his ex-wife Jenna Renee Webb shared a picture of her bruised body on Instagram hinting below that it was Browne who had done that to her. The picture also bore the #domesticviolenceawareness hashtag. However, Webb didn’t go to the police and stated she only wanted to divorce.
After that UFC suspended Browne and started its own investigation which lasted for two months. According to the statement issued to Womensmma.Com, “the results of the investigation were inconclusive to support the claims of alleged domestic violence involving Browne.” Browne, for his part, also stated that domestic violence is a taboo thing for him. “I can be an asshole. I can be mean. But putting my hands on a woman is absolutely not in me. That goes against everything in my DNA as a human being,” he said in an interview to MMA Fighting on SBN.
With that said, while the question whether Rousey and Browne are together has an answer, it still remains unclear whether we should congratulate Rousey or not.