Romanian Female Fighters Go to War

Two hungry young women put their skills to the test

Today I will be reviewing a recent female MMA fight between Cristina Stanciu and Alice Ardelean at RXF-17 in Romania. This fight was fought in the women’s Bantamweight Division at 135lbs which is the same division dominated by Ronda Rousey in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. From the beginning of this fight it was clear that both have a kickboxing background. In the first round Stanciu proved to be the aggressor, throwing sharp front kicks and utilizing a good thai clinch along with landing the majority of the hardest punches. However, the boxing of both seemed to be a bit sloppy as very few textbook combinations were thrown in favor of wild haymakers. This fight was a brawl pure and simple and after Ardelean was cut over the eye early in the first round it was clear that both fighters could take and dish out punishment. Neither appeared to me to have a strong Jiu-Jitsu background but some was evident from how Ardelean angled for an armbar attempt from bottom guard in the first round while Stanicu patiently worked to eliminate the angle by squaring up her hips. One of the main reasons Stanciu won this fight is because she always made sure to throw the first strikes after any break in action. However, by the third round both were exhausted and could barely keep their hands up which to me is a sign that neither has yet learned to conserve their energy. The split decision win for Stanciu proved that both have heart but each will need to improve their standup technique. Nevertheless, this fight was proof that female MMA fighters can be just as exciting as men and I truly enjoyed watching them go to war. In my opinion, neither should attempt to be the next Ronda Rousey but rather, they should develop their own fighting styles based on their own natural attributes. More clean boxing combinations along with their already solid Muay Thai skills would make both much more dangerous for future opponents.
Watch full fight below