Ridiculous KO: Referee Waves Off Fight, Then Allows it to Continue

That’s what happens when the ref’s way too uncertain!

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It’s good to be a king but it’s hard to be a ref. At least, for Dan Movahedi who stepped in the cage on March 17th, 2012, to judge the main event at the CFC 12 show in Brentwood, Essex (England). Mark “The Great White Shark” Potter was going to face Larry Watts. Despite the fact that Watts is quite an aged guy, it was his first professional bout. And it can easily be his last one, turning into a pure humiliation.

Potter’s first right upper punch threw Watts down on the floor and Dan Movahedi started waving off the bout. It’s clear from the vid that the ref was out of Potter’s sight who let his opponent alone for a second but still kept an eye on him. And when he realized that Watts was rocked but conscious, he started threshing and hammering further on. Movahedi modestly stood aside letting Watts have all the punishment. No kidding. Judge-not-lest-ye-be-judged theory adapted specially for cage fights.

Although Potter’s rival managed to get on his feet again, he looked shell-shocked. His defense was far from being perfect even before that unlucky punch but after that it simply faded away. Watts’s jaw and chin suffered several more heavy strikes and in 28 seconds it was all over – Larry Watts collapsed on the canvas after next punch. And just as few seconds before, Potter stopped first and Movahedi took some time to admit an obvious KO and finally wave off the fight. God knows what would have left of Larry Watts should “The Great White Shark” be just a bit more bloodthirsty.