Ridiculous double KO – fighters crash through the cage door!

Double knockouts are rare, but this one is unique.

 Greeks and Romans, amongst other heritage, gave us an idiom “deus ex machina” which refers to ancient theater performances where actors who played gods used to appear as if from nowhere with the help of different mechanisms. Usually gods appeared on stage to help the main characters who had faced some serious problem. At Hardrock MMA 43 (Shepherdsville, KY, USA) a cage door played the role of a “god from the machine” for Braedon Ward and Brandon Bishop, finishing their fight in the most bizarre way.

The lightweight fighters met in the co-main event on the 4th of February. As it turned out later, a hinge of the cage door had been damaged in the previous fight and was improperly fixed. Ward and Bishop quickly got stuck in a clinch. While Bishop was trying to land a knee, Ward attempted a takedown. It was quite a tense fight yet not entertaining, as both guys were mostly moving along the fence without a single strike.

A twist in the plot came all of a sudden. Ward successfully performed a second takedown but didn’t manage to mount his opponent. He pressed on, Bishop retreated and in a moment the two fighters crashed through the cage door. Both fighters being KOed, the bout was ruled a no contest.

Paying tribute to promoters, they took all responsibility for the ridiculous and unwanted end of the fight. Ward and Bishop were paid their show money and win bonuses. Hardrock MMA also announced that a rematch was considered, but there’s no info if it took place.

By the way, that bout was not the weirdest one at the Hardrock MMA 43. Chad Sermon and his goofy fight plan will surely make your day – check this article to see an extremely brutal yet illegal shot which can easily be described as a low-kick to the head.