Retired Fighter Gives a Special Fighter a Chance

This was great much respect to Nate Quarry

Jake ‘The Snake’ Beckmann got to fulfill his lifelong dream with his MMA debut against UFC legend Nate Quarry in a ‘superfight exhibition’ at Full Contact Fighting Federation’s Rumble at the Roseland event, going on to win the ‘World Heavyweight Championship’.
19-year-old Beckmann, who has down syndrome, trained in MMA for four years and always dreamt of the chance to enter the octagon. Beckmann got Quarry to tapout in the second round of the ‘Rumble at the Roseland’ and was awarded a ‘World Heavyweight Championship’ belt.
When KPTV – FOX 12 asked Beckmann how it felt to win the belt, he responded, ‘I kind of like it. I can’t wait to tell my Dad!’ The event successfully raised $1000 for Jake’s mother’s website ‘Create Connection’, which works to empower those with differences and special needs.
Quarry discussed the bout, stating, ‘Throughout my life, over and over again, I’ve been given an opportunity to live my dreams. And if I can make the slightest effort to help a young man not only live his dream, but also show his mother what it could be like to have him following his dreams (then I’ll do it).’