Reporter challenges Ronda Rousey!

She’s the only woman to ever secure a rear naked choke against Ronda

If anyone of us would have to interview Ronda Rousey, competing with her on the mats would be the last thing to think of – no one wants to hit the floor like Aaron “I didn’t tap” Tru. Perhaps, Elise Elliott from A Current Affair show didn’t watch that video with four ribs reportedly broken in the end, otherwise why did she ask Ronda Rousey to demonstrate the power of her armbar and rear naked choke?
The best female fighter and the most fearless female reporter of all times met when Ronda Rousey came to Melbourne, Australia to promote her upcoming seventh world bantamweight title defense against Holly Holm at UFC 193, the fight scheduled for November 15 in Etihad Stadium, Melbourne.
According to Ms Elliott, the 28-year old judoka gave her some ‘self-defense tips’, however for most part Elise Elliott was on the wrong side of slams, armbars and chokes. Finally the revenge time came – Ronda Rousey allowed the reporter to perform a rear naked choke and Elliott got so excited she didn’t notice Rousey’s tapping. A friendly hug crowned the session.
In her interview to A Current Affair Ronda Rousey spoke on her attitude to the critics of female MMA. “I really don’t believe fighting is a men’s thing or a women’s thing. It’s human. To say it’s not for women, why not? Women can have just as strong if not a stronger instinct to fight than men. It’s not like we’re taking anything away from the guys, it’s the opposite: we all help each other”, the world champ said.