Referee has to show some wrestling skill to finish the fight!

Way too early or just in time – what do you think?

Perfect timing is critical not only for fighters. When a ref stops the bout too late, a fighter gets much more punishment than needed. Fortunately most referees are not that brutal. Sometimes they’re even not enough brutal and stop the fight when none of the fighters is koed, stunned, injured or just seriously beaten.

Here’s another proof that a referee should not be too kind hearted. A fight between Larry Westbrook and Andrew De Leon finished in only five seconds – Westbrook threw a right-left to the head, both shots landing  just on the button, and dropped De Leon to the canvas. The referee hurried for rescue but De Leon appeared to be alive and ready for a takedown. To stop the fight referee had to first mount both opponents (Westbrook was already on the ground) and then do some kind of a rear naked choke on De Leon. This Glover Teixeira act stunned Andrew De Leon more than the vicious punch – to say the guy was shocked is to say nothing at all. The bout was ruled a TKO (referee stoppage) but in Larry Westbrook’s place I would consider a rematch – just to prove this win was no fluke or a flick of the referee’s wrist.