Referee doesn’t want to see the fighter’s out!

You better tap early because this ref won’t help you!

It may sound strange but a referee in mixed martial arts has to be a professional even when there’s an amateur bout going on. While the non-pro fighters bear much less burden than their brothers in arms at Bellator and UFC as almost no money is at stake, they still risk their health and sometimes life. So the referee has to be just as concentrated as Herb Dean during the main event in MGM Grand in Vegas.

Unfortunately, not all amateur refs realize this simple truth as this video, which comes from Michigan, shows. “The Wolverine State” has much to offer as far as MMA is concerned – here, at we have great examples of the weirdest knockouts, poorest conduct and greatest sportsmanship. Now it’s time to see an example of the most unacceptable refereeing.

Some would say the guy who was trapped with a choke needed to tap not to faint. And they would be right, but, man, it’s the fighter’s job to battle while the referee’s task is to stop the bout when necessary. To call this a late stoppage would mean nothing as the guy was out for several seconds already when it occurred to the referee time has come to intervene.

Unfortunately we don’t know the ref’s name, otherwise we would probably try to find him and make an interview where the main questions would be “Have you been in a choke trap yourself?” and “Do you have any idea how it feels when someone doesn’t let you breathe?”