Referee calms down a crazy fighter

White Collar Fight Club Referee Lee Ambler Steps In To Calm The Situation

The Ref is a European BJJ No Gi champ in his weight group. Both refs are currently in the USA having competed in a tournament out there and a good few of the guys in the show are first time fighters.

Referees are made a part of the match to make sure that the competitors are not too hard on each other and are able to compete in fights in the future. If there were no referees to control a match we could see competitions get too violent and turn into all out beatings. Competitors are usually thankful toward referees for keeping them safe while they are in the ring. But, as witnessed on camera here, this fighter gets heated over the fact that he is separated from his opponent after giving him too heavy of a beating. The referee making the call to break the two up steps in between both of the fighters and tries to physically separate them, but he is just a bit too timid and not enough muscle to stop one from beating on the other. A referee from the sidelines recognizes the trouble and quickly steps in to break up the situation when the boxer turns on the referee. The referee from the sidelines makes an impressive mixed martial arts move on the angry fighter and actually lifts him up off his feet and slams him down using the weight of his own body. Needless to say, the boxer was quite stunned and even took a while to recover from the blow. You would think this would be enough to deter the rogue fighter from making any other attacks, but after this he actually jumps out of the ring and follows the referee that had pinned him. Somehow, things manage to stay under control even though the fighter is clearly upset with the referee and yelling at him.

Though no one hopes to see these kinds of things happen at a match, we do have referees just for this reason. In this video the referee, Lee Ambler, is a hero of the game and the fans clearly recognize and honor this. Fans obviously can see the importance for keeping a game clean and safe and while this problem is best solved by having referees at a match, it is sad to say that there are times like this when the fighters themselves lose their heads over the game and take it out on the very referees who are trying to protect them in the first place.