Thai fighter recovers from a blow and wins by KO

Unexpected turn of a fight in Muay Thai. Kru Ritt recovers from a blow and finish his opponent with his left hook.

From the first seconds of the video we see that the fighter in black trunks looks quite tired. He is a little bit shaking, trying to approach his opponent and in the next moment Ritt lets a heavy headshot come through. For a short moment he loses coordination, but then he manages to come out ok, resuming the balance and the struggle between two fighters begins!
Both of them are tired, but no one is going to give up. A fighter in violet trunks looks very confidently, but let’s see what happens next.  Ritt’s opponent tries to kick him in the head, but all his attempts are vain. He makes week blows but none of them reaches the target. Then he tries to make an uppercut, but it was stricken aside. Blocking his rival’s kicks, which had no effect on him at all, Ritt stands and waits for the best moment for starting his powerful attack. Controlling the distance between him and his contestant by putting out his leg, the fighter in black trunks makes his first blow, which shatters his contestant. His second blow, which was a left hook, determined the outcome of the battle. The man, who was trying to conquer champion’s belt fighting against Ritt, now is laying on the ring in a heavy knockout. Ritt’s blows were accurate and very strong. In the end a demonstrative back flip in his performance shows who is the winner of the fight.
That is an example of that, how unpredictable can be a fight in Muay Thai. Skilful battlers, such as the winner of this fighting competition, can exceed the expectations of the spectators according the outcome of the battle at any moment.