Real-life ‘ninja’ spars with MMA fighter!

Maybe he should have brought his shurikens with him?

Once upon a time there was a guy who thought he was a ninja. Not sure that he loved crawling along the roofs dressed in black and killing people with his katana and shurikens but he surely loved watching MMA fights. So one day, it was March 27, 2007, he saw Dominic Cruz losing his bout to Urijah Faber at WEC 26-Las Vegas via a guillotine choke. “Oh, this guy’s ground game is poor, he’s a bantamweight, I could easily use him to let everyone know the power of ninjutsu”, the only true American ninja thought and went to the gym to challenge Cruz. What he didn’t know was the fact that it was first Cruz’s loss after a nine-won streak. So he came there and stepped in the cage and after several minutes he was perhaps the most unfortunate and the most beaten up ninja in the world. An early takedown and massive ground and pound by Dominick Cruz left the guy no chance at all.
Actually, this video was shot and shared almost seven years ago but it went viral recently and gained a huge number of views and comments. History has no name of the ‘ninja’ and we don’t know whether he challenged anyone else in MMA world since that fight. As for Dominick Cruz, he remains one of the best male bantamweights in mixed martial arts, having added eleven more wins to his impressive record of 20-1. By the way, he took revenge on Faber in the year 2011 at UFC 132, winning the main event via unanimous decision.