Bellator: a punch KO and unneeded hammerfists right after

Watch the replay for different angles.

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Maybe Steve Garcia is not a perfect MMA fighter but he sure is a consistent one. Known for his heavy striking, he remains unbeaten with an amateur record of 3-0 and a pro record of 5-0. Besides, five of his eight wins were earned by punches, KO or TKO. His fight against Cody Walker on June 6th, 2014 at Bellator 121 is a perfect example of his style and a solid explanation of his success.

The bout lasted no longer than 39 seconds. Walker looked good at the start, having landed a straight right hand as a return fire to Garcia’s low kick. Cody went on with a left hook forcing Garcia to stick to the fence and try his best to endure Walker’s vicious punching. Over time Garcia managed to get to the canter of the cage and that was the crucial moment of the fight. Watch this – Walker makes a kick attempt but Garcia confronts him with a perfect short left hook! The shot gets right on the button, lights out for Walker before he reaches the canvas.

Unlucky for Cody Walker, that was not the end. The referee Kerry Hatley was not quick enough to stop the fight when needed, so Garcia added a couple of hammerfists which looked obviously unnecessary. You’ve seen an example of how should a ref act when a fighter is clearly knocked out:  Joe Schilling KO’s Melvin Manhoef , so here’s just the opposite.