Crazy takedown faceplant knockout!

MMA fighter gets knocked out with a takedown, landing face first!

Dan Yates is an amateur MMA fighter from Michigan and a former wrestler in his university years. He was set to fight against North Carolina’s Robert Gidron at Knockout Promotions in Musketon, Michigan on April 4. The clash was announced as “power hitter against power wrestler” but surprisingly enough Yates didn’t want to wrestle in the opening seconds of the bout.

He started with several head and body kick attempts which were not too lucky, so some seconds later the shot exchange turned into clinch and then Yates finally took to wrestling and, man, that was wise! While still in the stand up he performed a great slam which could easily end the game as Gidron just stuck his head in the mat and luckily missed a knockout which seemed very likely if not inevitable. Dan Yates pressed on, getting on top first and catching Gidron in an arm triangle choke trap later.

Despite Gidron managed to get on his feet, his head still locked, Yates seemed to be in absolute control of the business. He was at home in all sense of the word, as the crowd cheered him and he was doing something he’s very good at. But even when someone’s called “a power hitter” you should never take it at face value. Robert Gidron pushed Yates to the fence, lifted him a bit and then just smashed the opponent to the ground with a perfect back body slam. Yates, just like Gidron seconds before, hit the canvas with his head and stretched unconscious – two or three g’n’p shots by Gidron were already unnecessary.