Possibly the funniest staredown ever – fighters prank Dana White!

Watch the whole video to see Chris Weidman and Vitor Belfort fooling around too! 

Brawling, calling names, pushing and stuff is not too rare in combat sports when it gets to pre-fight statements, press conferences, weigh-ins and staredowns. But, frankly, there’s enough aggression and fury in the cage, and no one has to be a bully all the time. Why not have some fun instead?

Now, if you feel a bit sad and want to cheer up a bit, take a look at this video. A staredown before UFC 187 appeared to be a real comedy festival with Chris Weidman and Vitor Belfort as an opening act and Anthony “Rumble” Johnson and Jon “Bones” Jones as the headliners.

When Weidman tiptoed to strengthen the fact that Belfort is shorter, it was fun and nice but not extremely hilarious. However, the next staredown was a blast. Johnson and Jones started headbutting immediately, then “Rumble” quickly grabbed his opponent by the throat, Dana White rushed for rescue and then… both fighters roared with laughter. White looked obviously caught by surprise, his personal Fools’ Day starting more than a month earlier.

Later in the interview to MMA H.E.A.T Anthony Johnson stated it was Jon Jones’s idea to prank Dana White. “I said like ‘cool, let’s do it’. We got on the stage and we did it, and it worked out perfect! Dana died. He thought we were serious, but it was so funny to look at his face! And that high-pitched voice that Dana had – I never heard a man sound like that. But it was a lot of fun”.

All jokes will be done with when Johnson and Jones clash in a light heavyweight title bout in the UFC 187 main event. The show with 9 bouts total is scheduled for May 23, 2015 and will take place at MGM Grand Garden Arena (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA).