Possibly the funniest self-defense video ever!

Self-defense for dummies at its best!

“Secrets of self-defense!”, “Deadly martial arts techiques!”, “Learn to knock everyone out in a second!”, “Forbidden street fight moves!” – there’s more of those who reveal street fight secrets then there are those secrets.  Well, at least that’s what it looks like when you browse the internet. Alongside with numerous fake senseis who teach nonsense and real masters who, thankfully, do the real thing there’s quite a number of those who make self-defense video tutorials mostly for pure fun.

Unfortunately, we don’t know who the guys in this video are. One of the comments on Youtube says that they have a number of videos dedicated to methods of disarming a gunman and this particular tutorial was shot and uploaded as a comedy bonus to serious stuff. They say, the half-bald man in a blue shirt has a Hapkido black belt and the guy with gorgeous moustache has… well, he has that gorgeous moustache which add at least one hundred points to his strength, dexterity, stamina and, of course, charisma.

This video may be one of the funniest self-defense tutorials ever made but some of those moves can still come in handy when you get involved in a street conflict, especially if an attacker is unarmed, drunk and clumsy. And some of them are quite easy to perform – try “attack with carbonated beverages” or “a spit take” (check the time mark of 4:52), it only takes a bottle of coke or whatever else you prefer to drink. Hot tea will probably work too.

It’s funny to see how some people don’t get that this video is a joke and start a serious dispute whether these guys can beat anyone from the Gracie family. With all respect to the Gracies – spit take is the king.