Polish fighters clash heads and fall KOed

No one predicted this to happen!

In boxing double knockouts occur when two opponents strike each other at the same time, there’s just no other way for a double KO to happen. In MMA we’re blessed to have a wide range of allowed techniques which sometimes lead to double knockouts when no one expects them.

Discussing the matchups for the Polish MMA show “Night of the Champions” most of experts and fans were pretty sure Mateusz Zawadski would win a lightweight semifinal bout against Marcin Mencel nice and easy. Guys from “CageRank” calculated everything which could be calculated and their verdict was clear: Zawadski exceeds Mencel in KO and submission abilities and is very likely to finish the fight early. The last prediction was the only one which came true – the bout ended less than two minutes after the start. But the way it ended was absolutely unexpected for spectators, referee and, yes, for both fighters.

Before the crucial moment everything went smooth. Zawadski kept attacking, Mencel was mainly concentrated on defence, no one seemed to hurry. Suddenly Mencel rushed for a takedown and – surprise, surprise! – Zawadski did just the same! Great minds think alike, they say.

They clashed like a pair of furious rhinos – but where a rhino keeps on its feet, a human goes down to the mat. No one of the rivals could go on, the bout ruled a draw, no rematch scheduled. Since that time Mateusz Zawadski fought five times earning three wins and a draw and suffering a single loss. Marcin Mencel was not so successful with a two-loss streak following his clash with Zawadski.