Perfect Spinning hook kick KO

The hook knockout kick that made Chechen MMA fighter Adlan Amagov famous in an instant.

Look at this video to find out how the legend is born. The hook knockout made heavy-handed welterweight Adlan Amagov famous in one instant. The hook kick, a MMA fighter performed, is regarded as high level technique. The leg is almost stretched at impact and this makes the blow strong. The hook kick has many variations. Sometimes the trajectory changes for surprise effect. It is directed diagonally downwards. The goal of hook kick is strike the jaw of the competitor. It also works greatly when the opponent gets it in the temple region. This time it was, certainly, effective. The opponent could only had a chance to throw one leg kick and then he got knocked out. Wow! It was so fast! And so incredible! We are all impressed and want to see more from Adlan!
Adlan Amagov is a fighter of Chechen origin from St. Petersburg, Russia. His brothers Musa Amagov and and Beslan Amagov are also professional MMA fighters. Adlan’s nickname is Wolf and nickname is very important as Russian names are considered weird in english. So many refer to him as Wolf. This nickname was selected because Adlan Amagov is Chechen and wolf is a sacred animal for Chechens. It is more than just a name, the tradition of his nation is reflected in it.
You will be surprised to hear that some fans are chanting Borz! during Amagov’s bouts. This is Chechen word, which means “wolf”.
We are sure that Adlan has a huge potential and he has rather ambitious goals. Worth noticing is that excellent freestyle wrestling of Adlan Amagov originates from an extensive Sambo background. Some experts think that sambo is a perfect start for those who want to make a career in MMA. Former sambo fighters tend to make a good career in MMA as well. For instance, Fedor Ememlianenko, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Rustam Khabilov and etc. This dude is a real wolf on the canvas! Let’s wish him victories in the coming champs!